the floor shook under their feet as the house rocked a little. “Jesus!” both of them cried out as they dived. Hanging serving spoons shattered to the floor while used mugs in the wash hand basin rattled at their position. Silence fell in that vicinity for straight 30 seconds “Bomb! Bomb!” Someone yelled outside just then the whole house resumed its activities only that this time, it was fleeing for safety. Babies started crying, mothers shouting out childrens’ names, in no time, the stair case was crowded, “Fire! Fire!” Someone else screamed. The window by the stair case leading to flat 3 & 4 was covered with smoke that was thickening by minutes. A lady fell down the stairs & was stampeded, occupants of flat 3 & 4 who couldn’t join the struggle for survival at the stair case resorted to jumping down from their east wing balcony, of cause it was the first floor, while a man & his family at the top floor (7 & 8) thought it wiser to take refuge at the roof top so they escaped through their back door. Other than getting out of the house, nothing else mattered to the residents of no 4A, Ogo street, Ibrahim Taiwo road, Ebonyi State.-

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