Anya (Loading)

He slapped his legs again with the little strength left as insects tormented his skin, he had tried to get up to locate his make shift shelter further in the bush to no avail, his legs just wobbled under him so he always ended up in a sitting position. He felt weak, tired, hungry and sick, he had only a vague idea about death but often wondered how long unpleasant situations lasts. He wasn’t a stranger to woes, the only difference was the fact he couldn’t move his limbs, this irritated him and made him feel helpless. Another insect buzz pass his ear, he closed his eyes and waited for the next sting, he wasn’t disappointed, in exasperation he laid on his right arm on the grass that was going moist from the evening dew and forced his mind away from the insect attack. His mind drifted into oblivion, a voice sounded from a hut where a man and woman knelt down tending their little daughter who had been struck with a strange disease, chicken pox. “I still regret the day I picked this cursed child” “I warned you!” “Everyone would have thought that I be rewarded rather than these curses na, where did I go wrong? the boy can’t work in the farm, always falling ill yet refuse to die, he can’t see properly now he has transferred his sickness to our daughter, do we deserve these punishment after rescuing a life rather than kill it?” “I think the body is becoming warm” the man joined his wife examining his daughter and agreed with her. They heard a sudden movement behind them and turned, sighting through the door of the hut, a sneaking child with a small calabash, headed for the shed that served as kitchen for the large Ighalo family. The woman suddenly blurted out her irritation “You this evil child, what are you holding? Plate abi? It’s only food you know how to eat, azeh! Oya come here, go and fill all the drums with water before the food you just ate kill your useless parents wherever they are” “yes Ma” the child replied and walked normally for his cover was blown already. The boy now grown up ran madly towards the direction of his compound, some of his mates engaged him in pursuit, “master! Master!!” He called for a man who was standing at the gate of the compound, laughing uncontrollably as those in pursuit where gaining on him. He suddenly tripped and fell face flat and was about to receive the beating of his life again when he woke up in a start at the foot of 6 legs, his sweaty face had fear written all over it and his already bonded weak legs simply indicated that there was nothing he could do at the moment, he closed his eyes again and let destiny take its course, his body was turned face down and his hands got bond too, Mallam Aminu couldn’t afford any more show down, he was tired and hungry after all, he bundled the light weight Osas on his shoulder and head for home in the company of his wife and first Son.

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