Ideal Islamic Home by Association of Muslim Brotherhood of Nigeria (AMBON)

Presented at the launching of Al-Furqan Academy, Km 106, Benin/Abuja Express way, Agbede, Edo State, Nigeria on the 16th Day of October, 2016


Permit me to marry the teachings of Islam on ´soul´with Sigmund Freud´s Psychoanalytic theory, with reference to the Id, Ego & Super ego. While the Id is pleasure seeking, the ego delays gratification for probably a favorable situation. The Super Ego on the other hand, is guided by morals, offshoot from learning and experiences, serving as a custodian for the individual towards proper or improper conduct, depending on its willpower, as against that of the Id & Ego. In this same light, the soul constantly invites the individual towards wordily enjoyment, largely championed by shaitan, whereas Allah calls upon every individual to fear Him and take control of the soul. Every heart, irrespective of class, age or level of faith is caught up between these invitations just like the constant conflict between the Id, Ego & Super Ego. This is what i refer to as the ´Test of life´


Though it takes by the Grace of Allah to be and return to Allah while on a Straight part, human efforts too hardly goes in vain as Allah has promised everyone the rewards and punishments for our every act. Allah has told us that “verily all men shall be tested” and we further learnt that these tests continues till we finally return to Allah. The more we pass these tests, the more we are elevated spiritually, the more we constantly repent & seek forgiveness, the more we get detached from wordily enjoyment as presented by shaitan (haram), the more we become attracted to knowledge seeking, the more we become patient, considerate, drawn to everything halal, adherent to the Teachings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and possibly, the concept of an Ideal Muslim sets in.


The ideal Islamic home can only be achieved by the Will of Allah, as, when and if He pleases. Nevertheless, Islam urges every individual to strive in the cause of Allah for Man was created basically to serve Him, as such, an individual seeking an ideal Islamic Home must work towards becoming an ideal Muslim, taking cognizance of 3 basic components:

1. The Human components

2. The material components &

3. The Spiritual components

HUMAN COMPONENT: We are meant to understand according to Islam that “The woman is Guardian in the house of her husband and responsible for her flock” It is obligatory on the husband to provide for her & cloth her with equity & Honour. There is no marriage other than a legal union between opposite sexes, gay marriage is only the handiwork of shaitan. The concept of cohabiting (´wa joko´& `Abuja marriage`) has no basis in Islam, do not believe otherwise. One woman cannot marry two husbands at the same time. Every Individual ought to get spouses that their heart is attracted to, that would fear Allah at all times, continually seek for knowledge and would remain opened to spiritual development.

MATERIAL COMPONENT: The material components includes location of the home and its proximity to the Masjid as well as the nature of neighbors. The collection of the home library, the type of contents viewed on web pages and availability of every item that constantly reminds one of Allah. An ideal Islamic home can’t have a bar that serves alcohol in it, neither be a home that doubles as a motel were illegal sexual activities are promoted. The ideal Islamic home must steer clear off haram, even the nature of dressing counts too.

SPIRITUAL COMPONENT: The onus of a proper ideology for an Ideal Islamic home rest basically on the head/s of the family, this must attain a priority status because the spiritual component practically controls every other component. There should be love flowing in the house, trust, praying on time and in congregation some times, adherence to responsibilities, eating together, meeting once in a while for general discussions, respect, constant reminder/teachings of Islam, attention to every detail, proper and all inclusive planning e.t.c

There is neither a particular model of an Ideal Islamic Home nor a group of people exclusively being referenced, one must subject one´s self to the Hadiths, the Message contained in the Holy Qur´an and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). The 6 Article of Faith should resound in ones´s thoughts while the 5 pillars of Islam must guide one´s principles. Allah tests the patience of an individual in multiple ways, resulting to so called good/bad days, good/bad market, missed opportunities, mood swings, ill healths, loss (human or material) e.t.c. It takes one on or working towards a Straight path to pass those tests… May Allah forgive our sins, Increase us in Knowledge & guide us to the right path… Amen!


On a final note, I would like to leave you with some characteristic that invites shaitan to one´s heart as noted by As-Sayyid bin Ahmad Abu Saif (2014):

– Anger and lust

– Desire to fill one´s self with food

– Love for adornment in one´s furniture, clothing and home

– Greed and avarice

– Hastiness and a general lack of deliberations in one´s affairs

– Desire for wealth

– Miserliness and a fear of poverty

– Blind adherence to desires and schools of thoughts

– A preoccupation with differences of opinions in general and differences between schools of thought in particular

– The thinking and talking of commoners about the reality of Allah´s self

– Harboring evil thoughts about other Muslims


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