Hafsanam Investment Nigeria Limited

In a World filled with injustice and cruelty, were barbarism prevailed, 2 set of alert eyes stayed fixed on each other, separated by a 15 meters gap in yet another duel. Dulha had triumphed in every battle with whatsoever he had engaged in with life threatening injuries though, nevertheless, this was a Jungle, only the strong survived and Dulha, strong and intelligent, was set to survive.

The lion growled fiercely, revealing a neatly arranged milk colored set of teeth, typical of it’s class in the animal kingdom while Dulha, unruffled, held firm to his newly manufactured device, powered by the latest operating system and stacked with a state of the gadget, fit enough to match the definition of Babbage’s invention, 100% to a lane man and at least, 30% on paper.

Find out the nature of this device at Hafsanam Computer Training Center, Beside St. Mathews Anglican Church, Ira Road, Kwankwashe, Suleja, Niger State, Nigeria and see a very powerful machine like Computer, bow to your feet, awaiting instructions.

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