Nigeria’s Avengers (The Bitter Truth)

There are true militants-those who actually fight and sacrifice to advance their cause,leading to meaningful changes in the society.they blog, organize protests,arrange lectures and ideological talk-fests,write opinion pieces,pester government and generally have altruistic dreams.
But we all know that the violent type we have now are not militants,but crooks and oil thieves who will only thrive with their bunkering during the chaos.the last set who appropriated the “militancy” toga only thought of themselves-the idiots were paid amnesty and some sent for vocational training,so what else do they expect?they never saw fit to make their demands when our brother was in power.nobody asked that the environment be cleaned up,or the ownership of the oil revenue or fields be re-adjusted,neither did they demand for projects.they fools were busy lapping up,grovelling to be given a phone call by the buffoon,or share in appointments and fraudulent contract.
So what do they expect now?that the fed govt should come and spoon-feed and wet-nurse anybody that feels aggrieved?what do you think will happen if touts in every community decides to pick up arms and put on the toga of militancy?the indolence of the riverine tribes,coupled with the complicity of our politicians and state governments gave room to the rise of this menace.Rivers,Bayelsa and Delta states cannot foist their thugs on the rest of the nation,other states had found a way of dealing with their touts,so I don’t see why being a miscreant has been elevated into an art-form in the delta.the states should stop pampering these touts,making them relevant when they should be condemned.

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