The Nigeria Government should either properly criminalise Prostitution in Nigeria and stop feeding us that crap that their various associations posses stiff resistance or protect these girls from the abuses they suffer by each tick of the clock, aren’t they Nigerians too?

They get killed on daily bases
They are shortchanged most times
They are used as sex slaves
Police extorts from them… yes, the police
They are discriminated publicly
Their clients acts like they are doing them favours by patronising their services
They are targets for every form of inhuman treatments
Even some of their families humiliates them… Haba na!

Is it aliens from the moon that patronise their services? Isn’t it the same society that pushes them to opt in the trade? What are they even doing on the streets and hotels that your daughters & sisters aren’t doing in Campuses? How has the government delivered on it’s social responsibilities to her people? Why should parents that can’t raise children yet go ahead & make them go scot-free? Are you not aware some of these young girls you call ‘Ashewo’ are the bread winners of their families? Some attend schools and other vocational training, you think they don’t have dreams and aspirations like you do huh? It’s very unfair when no one listens when they cry out, it’s very unfair to these girls, even the noise makers that cry ‘human rights’ tends not to have concern for the plight of these innocent girls & no NGO dare exonerate itself.

Ashewos in Nigeria are Nigerians too, as long as Prostitution hasn’t been criminalised, they deserve their fundamental human rights.


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