You go see

“I hate this Woman” Ikenna said while Osasu who had been leaning on the corridor rail turned towards the opposite direction to face the door leading to Mrs. Onu’s office “you don see who like her before?” he hissed and made a face. A corp member came towards them and paused, looked at the door first then to Ikenna and Osasu “I hail o… abeg Mummy de?” Osasu walked away down the corridor leaving Ikenna to attend to the stranger. Ikenna pointed to a vehicle that was about to leave the premise “look… see her there, na she de inside that motor, them say they wan reach stadium, if you get bike, you fit reach before them sef” The stranger thanked Ikenna and hurried towards the gate of the NYSC secretariat in time to catch only the tail light of the vehicle as it made a left turn and sped away. Osasu returned to the spot he left Ikenna “Mummy’s keeper… my mind de tell me wetin you just do” “no mind…” Mrs. Onu’s door opened suddenly and a well kitted Youth corp member appeared from the Office and beckoned Osasu and Ikenna away from the office door. Ikenna asked in an anxious note as they walked down the corridor “Presido! How far?” “Guy! Forget o, that winsh no gree, she say una must go sweep and today is the last day” Ikenna suddenly blurted out “Sweep fire! Punish her Papa… Shey na wetin FG say maa kon do for Abakaliki abi?” Osasu hissed and held Ikenna’s hand “guy make we clear joor, forget her, we go change CDS” “na by change CDS? if she no clear you for this month, no alawee for you be that and you’re likely to get an extension” Paul said apologetically. Ikenna frowned “do i look like i care? NYSC should add our money to her salary na… I can’t go and be sweeping market all in the name of CDS, what rubbish!” Osasu who was still holding Ikenna’s hand added ” I no blame her, if to say she don get pikin, she for know how to treat other people children well”. A door suddenly opened 2 offices away and a young woman in her late thirties came out of her office, clutching a Louis Vuitton hand bag under her arm. Her light skin from excessive bleaching glittered in her black fitted suit jacket which blanketed a plain white turtle neck tee shirt. The over loaded pencil jeans went slightly bowed below and got tucked in an above-ankle black leather Peter Ascot’s cow boy boots. Save for the simple wedding ring on a finger of her left hand, no one would have believed this pretty lady was a ‘Mrs. Somebody’. Mrs. Onu looked right up the corridor and further left down then paused for a while upon sighting the Trio youth corp members of Ikenna, Osasu and Paul. She shook her head in pity, locked her office door and took her time in fishing out her Hugo boss glasses case from couple of items in her bag. She flung her flowing hair backwards and carefully screened her eyes with the sun shades before walking away graciously, swaying her massive hips in a gentle tide, leaving Paul lusting after this epitome of sensuality while Ikenna and Osas looked in disgust. A Youth corp member who had just alighted from an Okada outside the secretariat gate hurried towards Mrs. Onu and prostrated a little in greeting having met her at the entrance of the long corridor of one of the several blocks of the premises. Mrs. Onu seemed not to be in a hurry as she paused in a photographic pose to listen to the corp member, she was fully aware of the attention she had generated and was enjoying the stares.


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