Emeka George

“Praaaaaaaaaise the living God!”
responded the Church and this repeated itself before he continued
“As most of you already know, my name is Mr. George and this is my lovely wife, Mrs. Chinwe George”
The old man in his late 60s announced and coughed roughly, thanks to his dry throat that had suffered intense nicotine injection.
“The Lord is good, all the time. There have said that admission is hard in this country and many people did not go to school again beca… gbehe!… gbehe!….”
He beat his chest hard and cleared his throat again while Mrs. Chinwe parted her husband lightly at the back. He paused for a while then continued
“I remember that day when Pastor prayed for my son and his friends before the exam, i just look at it like na usual, my son tell me that people have write jamb plenty times and still no get school, so i tell him to write next year again because his result no good. But you see? Amen? Amen! God saw the suffering old man that i am, and bless my family. That the same bad result did not only give him school now, it also give him University inside Abuja which he did not apply for”
A lady from the congregation stretched a ‘praise the Lord’ which triggered a thunderous ‘hallelujah’ before they allowed Mr. George forge ahead.
“The Lord tell us in Jeremiah 29:12, i will listen to you, he has listen to us and i know that my Lord will watch over this boy inside the University because he say so in Psalm 32:8”
Immediately, the choir group ignited another series of praise songs while Emeka activated his stage 2 moves as a good number of the congregation stood up from their sits and followed the Church’s rhythm by clapping hands.


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