Save for two well dressed youth in their twenties, the verandah that protruded from the luxurious restaurant of Intercon Hotel, over looking the river as it meanders it’s way through Victoria Island seemed deserted. This was typical of a weekday morning at Intercon Hotel, but not of a day after DPD presidential campaign in Lagos which saw the influx of important dignitaries into Lagos.

One of the youth who was sitted alone on a sit of a table facing the entrance of the verandah and had been reading a paper suddenly exclaimed “what! Not again”. He took out a mobile phone, did some sliding and tapping then adjusted the hands free device strapped to his right ear and looked away from the newspaper he was reading. Raising his voice a little louder, he spoke to the phone “Mr. Governor!  Morning Sir. I’m okay and i trust you are too….. okay, thank God then…. yes sir.. . Okay…. Yes I’m aware… but isn’t it gonna spark the already boiling tension in the state…. who?… Minister of State for what? I can’t let him have that….. no no no…. i won’t do that,  he takes me for granted, i would rather let the Governor of your state have it….. Okay, tell your PA to meet me at the hotel as soon as he’s free…. yea… okay…. bye then”

The conversation was audible to the other youth who was sitted alone too at the other end of the verandah surfing the internet vie his tablet. He had been itching for a company since the network seemed terrible and had his hopes dashed when the other youth barged in 30 minutes ago and didn’t even look his way. He lifted his head to catch the other person elevate the news paper screen again. Suddenly a notification popped up, he replied, another came through and in no time he was lost in the world of Internet again. Just when he was getting carried away, a sudden movement alerted him accompanied by a clearing of throat, then “Hello!” “hi” “can i join you please?” “yea sure”. The news paper thudded on the table while it’s reader drew out a chair and made himself comfortable at the table for 2″

“care for something?” “no not really, had a heavy breakfast…. still trying to digest” “hum… ha… lucky you, I’m on diet, gotta burn some of these you know” the fat man who was reading the news paper pointed towards his bulging stomach and both men laughed. “no.. no… that’s not yet a paunch na…” “The more reason I’ve got to diet…. call me Eddy, and you are?” “… Olumide” “Okay… i thought the rally was over” “yeah… are you partisan?” “no… you’ve forgotten so soon? …. I’m Eddy”

Olumide looked away to the gentle flow of the large mass of water while Eddy took the advantage to scrutinise him. In order not to raise suspicions, he broke the minute silence “The ongoing debate on ammendment of the land use act is really turning the wheels around” “Turning the wheels? how?” “Ah! It’s like you don’t have a land in Lagos?” “no… not yet”  “well… so many of these people in government have offered their lands for sale at give away prices, no one wants to be caught unaware” “hum! That’s interesting… so you’ve got yours?” “Ah! Properties is one of my honey pots joor, I’ve been getting lots of calls and sealing deals lately” “wow! well, i guess i could rely on you when it comes to property then” “anytime…” “guess i won’t have to put up with ‘remax’ as planned” “Airmass? forget that place joor, i could land you any vacant property as far as Lagos and Abuja is concerned, nna ehn, I can connect you to affordable contractors sef” “That’s a good one… but you know remax sha?” “Remas no be after Ikotun side? abi na the one for Island? Is that where you stay?” “not really, Remax is…. yea… the one on the Island” “Ehen na, i could get you a better place sef” “Okay…” Olumide smiled as another notification popped up, he checked his wristwatch again and relaxed, he didn’t bother reading the message.

“Ehm… I thought you ordered for something for me?” “no… you said you had breakfast already na” “did i? My bad.. maybe i should settle for something light…. Pepper soup would do…. Ehm… waiter” “wait first, but it’s not even 10 am yet na, wouldn’t you like to wait and have brunch instead?” “lemme just take a light pepper soup, the one with goat meat is cheaper” “how much?” “that should be three thousand Naira” “ehn! that’s cheap” “so… you care for too?… ehm waiter!” “are you paying?” “me? i thought you offered?” “oya wait… do they have POS machine here?” “yup” “awesome! lemme get my atm card from the vehicle” “don’t worry, when we are done you will do that” no na they won’t gree, maa just rush get am” “guy wait first, na me de in charge of the machine, when we chop finish i go carry am follow you rish your motor” “O boy, be like you hungry pass me o, so na here you de work?” “No o, i be one of the politicians were you been hope to meet.” “Chai! na me you carry shine this early mor mor abi? hahaha…. but how come none of them don rish till now na?” “You no hear say they change the venue for the conference? All of them travel to Edo State late last night na” “chai! O boy! Alarm de o, abeg raise me na, na Iyana Oba get me so” “Na wifi carry me sidon here like this nobi say na me get the hotel, you hear? Oya kon de go before security notice you” “O boy, no lele na, eshe gan” Eddy stood up replaced his chair, carried his paper, shook hands with the smiling Olumide and left.


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