Mrs. Ralia’s cold war

My tab’s notification tone brought me back to reality so i checked and read the message then hoistered it. I stood up and proceeded to the kitchen to wash my hands, leaving my plate in a mess on the dining table. The kitchen window over looked the side of our house and i could see Ralia as she continued with the laundry, there was something different about her. She wasn’t that pathetic Ralia who had retreated to her shell and will only come out when very necessary, she had brightened up, smiling and was even huming a song i couldn’t pick as she washed. She looked younger now, i even ¬†discovered she had dimples and this made me frown again. ‘What’s amusing this fool?’ I thought, just then the very loud ringtone from her Nokla mobile phone, a replica of the original Nokia and had managed to stand the test of time added to the Noise pollution in Lagos State. She immediately pressed a key that made the phone hush, looked from left to right without noticing me because i had ducked in the kitchen and she ran towards the backyard. ‘What’s this stupid thing up to’ i asked myself in a thought as i tiptoed to the guest room toilet where i could view the backyard. I heard her speak to the scrap of a phone very happily as she replied the caller “yes Linda, he said that to me, i think he’s coming back”. I hated myself the more, ‘said what?’ I thought. Suddenly i realised what my so called sucker punch was: ‘of course yes, i love it just the way it is just like i love you just the way you are’.


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