quite unfortunate

Willington Okoro

I always advise people not to condemn what they know not much about. Before you completely condemn the Palestines, first put yourself in their shoes, and feel their pains. Mandella was once called a terrorist, but later called a freedom fighter when the world finally decided to say the truth. The government of United states, and Britain that control united nation never want to say the truth about the sufferings, and massacre of Palestines. If you have not visited Israel or Palestine, you simply keep quite and say nothing. The Palestines are suffering. I am not a supporter of Palestine or Israel but my only question to the people of Israel is this; if you were persecuted, and slaughtered by the Nazi Germany, why do you in turn persecuting, and slaughtering the Palestines? The main problem is land, and my question is; why not the so called united nation that created the state of Israel tell the people of Israel to give Palestinians back their land. Why should we waste lives everytime because of land. When will America, and Britain see the Palestines as human beings and tell the Israelis to stop the massacre and give them back their land. Until this is done, i will continue to cry, and pray for real peace between Israel, and the Palestine. It is very, very, very sad for one to be a stranger in his own land. People are playing politics over people’s lives, and that is too bad.


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