Nigeria (I see Danger)

Currently in Nigeria, boko haram is the least of our problems. Jonathan, Maku & APC are using the media as well as religious bodies to push the country to yet another civil war and we the masses are here abusing, discriminating each other & pitching our tents in various evil & irrelevant camps. Little do Nigerians know that our security agencies who has a better knowledge of these whole situation & its ugly possible outcome have crossed their arms to enjoy the movie as long as tax payers monies remain at work. The closure of tertiary institutions alone thereby subjecting thousandths if not millions of Nigeria youths to an out-of-school situation is enough to incite, provoke & fuel a national crisis not to talk of unguarded statements from the likes of Asari Dokubo, Rotimi Amaechi, Jonathan & other loud so called important dignitaries in Nigeria. The sooner we the masses realise that we are one & if need be to go at logger head, then it should be with our corrupt politicians, the bias judiciary, the insincere media houses, the deceitful pastors & mallams, the selfish entrepreneurs & lazy civil & public servants, the better for us.

May God bless Nigeria


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