She quietly stood up and went to the window, staring at my neighbours garden while her back was turned to me. I remained on the bed reminiscing our conclusion, knowing full well that it wouldn’t be easy for both of us but we had to take the shot. My thoughts were interrupted by a faint sniff which seemed to come from her direction so my immediate response was to get her pills for cold with the assumption that she had been skipping her medications. In no time, i was back with 2 pills and a glass of water, placing it on the table close to the window but was shocked when confronted with a very shining set of eyes that was about to let lose its own type of stream. The moment she noticed my presence & asking what the problem was, she broke into tears hiding her face in her palms. Experience had thought me that in times like this, ‘shhh’ Would do, so i unveil her glistering face pulling her closer to me while she in-turned wrapped her arms around me, placing her left ear on my chest like she was checking if my heart still beats, slowly i began rocking her. We remained like that for quite sometime, posing a perfect affectionate sight, before i broke the silence by asking her ”what’s the matter?”. Her answer to that question, sent a chill up my spine, turned my tongue dry and left me sexually excited. I was stabbed with emotions and didn’t know when my own cloud broke into a rain. This was the beginning of my emotional downfall, the way she lifted her head looking me in the eye with those shining sexy eye of hers & replied ”Abdul I’ll miss you” has never seized hunting me till date.


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