Just one phone call and his life would turn around, just a particular phone call and his misery would get the boots, its only a phone call he needed now so he and his pregnant girl friend could reap the supposed dividends of this cohabitation, so when Halima asked her boy friend ”Emeka, wouldn’t you eat first?” This was his reply ”Halima my sweet, Halima the mother of my unborn child, i need to get this phone fully charged now, you know this call we are expecting has the power to do and undo? I’m going to the junction, I should get a place to charge it there” Yes indeed, just a phone call could have the power to do and undo. Approximately 4 and a half hours later, Emeka returned looking very exhausted and dehydrated. The stench escorting him suggested a bath, but his grumbling stomach opposed so he demanded for his meal with a little temper. The 7 months pregnant Halima sluggishly got up to her feet and proceeded to the kitchen. ”guess what? My mumu parents just ca…” Emeka interrupted angrily ”look, you just heard me right?”, ”but I’m getting the…”, ”just get me my meal would you? If you’re tired of staying with me, you can please go back to your parents so that they can continue forcing you to wear Hijab and…” just then the long awaited call came through and the whole house turned dead silent while they listened to the ring tone sway happily in an echo into the small compartments of the rented one bedroom flat. ”hello… Yes it is, good ev… Where?… Yeah i know… Be right there now… Thank you very much, may the Heavenly Lord bless you.” he ended the call and suddenly became lively again ”my sweet! pop pop pop something”, ”to hell with you” she replied angrily. He retreated and left the house quietly, ”no be your fault” -when i come back with this fortune, make i see whether you no go bow to my feet- he thought.

Mr. Alabi was a very careful man who obeys traffic laws while driving so when his wife kept calling him on his cell phone, he refused to receive the call. But when the phone rang for the fifth time and this time around it was Nneka his girl friend who he intends meeting at a bar later in the evening, he immediately received the call as such didn’t notice when a young man so obsessed with his thoughts, was trying to cross the road. Just a phone call, and a life was lost by motor accident. Emeka had been long dead since before Mr. Alabi could get the police and an ambulance.


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