Honey Pot

Dilapidated structures, drivers honking, street hawking, sweaty faces, clusters of hippie dressed youths, shouting on top voices & an occasional entertaining display of mind freaks as well as disagreement between persons or group of persons resulting to a quarrel, crowded streets, parked cars by the road side, smokes from exhaust pipes, revving sounds, roaming handicapped beggars & at least an officer from one of the multiple security agencies in Lagos, trying to default an offender, all of these was a typical scene of Bariga on a tuesday afternoon. No bad situation is totally useless since it could still be used as a bad example and Bariga wasn’t left out, since the hullabaloo helped Anita sneak in Ahmed’s and out without being noticed. Anita is a house help with The Jone’s who is meant to pick Mr. Jone’s 2 years old baby from a creche in Bariga, by 12:30 pm but leaves the Pedro home which is a stone throw away as early as 11:30 am for Ahmed’s, before proceeding to the Creche by 12:20pm. Ahmed is an unemployed graduate who puts up with Kunle, his hustling younger brother that has never believed education could pay bills & never attempted to further after primary school. His notion about education reached the point of no doubt when Ahmed relocated to his one room apartment upon rounding up his National Youth Service 2 years back. The Hinges on the rickety door of the wee room which Ahmed shared with Kunle complained bitterly as Ahmed came into the room. Anita who had been lying down daydreaming, rose to a sitting position on the tired 39 X 80 inches mattress that occupied more than half of the room. “You don get?” Ahmed located an empty bucket used for bathing at a corner of the room & took his little weight off his feet, “ehn, I don even call am sef” this news seemed to have triggered happiness in Anita as her dimples knew no place to hide on her smiling face. Her expectant eyes bulged as she asked “wetin him talk?” “Him say na 500k & you go snap full pishur gimi maa give am” the U – shaped smile on Anita’s face turned to an O & her face lost it sparkle “500 what? But… E go take me time to raise that money o” “forget joor, just increase hand small, abi she don put camera for shop?” “No o, oya na, no wahala, I know how I go do am” “that’s my yori yori & na why I love you be this… See ehn, when you don hammer this model money ehn, you go pay her the money back, by five sef” Anita’s face lit up again “Amen! God go bless you for me” she stood up, went to Ahmed & threw an open inviting arms at him, he didn’t get up from his bucket so she bent a little, hugged what she could hug off him & kissed his fore head “I don de late o, maa de go” Ahmed glanced at his wrist watch “abeg kon de go o, I no fit shout” both of them chuckled as Anita adjusted her hair with a piece of a broken mirror amongst Ahmed’s things, straightened her clothes on her body “till tomorrow na” paused at the door, cocking her ear for any suspicious sound, opened & proceeded to the Creche. Ahmed bolted his door & stretched out on the bed “model kor, model ni, go bring that money kom joor, man must wak” he turned to his ceiling & commenced his journey to that place called dream ‘500k would buy me London used phones & I could get good prices for them if I take them to Abuja for resell, I served in Abuja, I know my way around na’ he thought while he drifted off to sleep.


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