11:45pm! “Na wow for this time o”. He turned to the opposite direction once again. This wasn’t how he planed the night, but as its turned out this way, he would definitely sleep all through the journey. He forced his eyes shut and tried to have a blank mind about the next day journey. Out side a cock crowed, he sprang up from bed and glanced at his mobile phone’s LCD, 16th December 2011 5:37am, this is it he thought. He grabbed his already packed bags and more of flew down the stairs, said hello to some neighbours and proceeded to the motor park. He bought a ticket for Lagos and occupied his sit as indicated on the receipt. He then closed his eyes and prayed, he prayed so sincerely to God as he had a phobia for long distance. Having said the final ‘Amen’, he sat quietly awaiting the driver to commence the journey. It is in this quiet moment he remembered he didn’t bath before living the house, he didn’t even lock his door, neither did he tell his landlord that he was travelling. -how did I even get to this park?- he thought, -when am I going to arrive Abuja?- That was when he remembered that it was lagos ticket he bought. Just then the driver started the vehicle “Driver please wait, I’m not your passenger”. “Where you de go?” “Abuja”. “So?” “Is this not lagos bus?” “Nobi Abuja them de pass go Lagos?” “You mean you would drop me at Abuja first?” “Yes now” “O k, thank God”, he relaxed again amidst staring eyes. He felt so odd in the bus, he just wanted to close his eyes and see himself in Abuja, just then his phone started ringing, “where are you now?” was the question everyone seemed to be asking, then a bus that had been advancing in high speed, lost control and somersaulted almost hitting the vehicle he boarded. “Jesus!” everyone exclaimed. His heart beat was more of a thud, the Sun rose and hid again, darkness enveloped the bus, the driver didn’t stop the bus to eat or urinate. “Driver, were are we please?” “We just dey enter Gwagwalada”. “Thank you Jesus!”. He glanced at his wrist watch again, 4:15 am, -almost a day journey?- he thought. He became very tensed & suspicious while the rest of the bus felt so happy and enjoyed the journey in unison. “welcome to Zuba” one of the passenger announced. Then something happened, there were armed robbers in the bus and unfortunately for them, they where spotted by a police man on duty. A ferocious shoot out was ignited as such the driver took Minna road instead of Lagos. “Everybody go down! go down!!” glasses where shattered to pieces, gun fire lit up the wee hours of the morning. As they entered Suleja road, he started to beg amidst the gun fires, “please and please, make una allow me drop for Kwankwashe junction, because of God” to his greatest surprise, his wish was granted and they handed him over to his elder brother who was waiting for him at the junction. “How did you know…” “Welcome home lil brother, how was school?” Just then he realised that all this while, he only imagined he was an NYSC corp member while in reality he was still a student. Upon arriving home, the house was in a celebration mood and didn’t seem to notice his presence. What he had just been through subjected him to an ‘I don’t care’ mood, so he dragged his weak legs to his room, feeling so exhausted and didn’t want to be bothered with the where about of the bag he travelled with. He opened his room, found out that this was even his Aunt’s House as such that bed he yearned for was a couch instead. He collapsed on it like a felled tree, closed his eye and wished all of this didn’t happen this way while he triumphantly thanked God for Journey Mercies. He opened his eyes and glanced at his mobile phone’s LCD: 16th December 2011, 5:52am. He felt the environment, this wasn’t a couch but a bed, he flung his feet up, they had suddenly regained their strength, he went straight to the standing mirror and stared at him self, the other him wore a sheepish grin, -fear! Fear! na Abakaliki you still dey- he thought, then he burst out a chuckle, “maa go bath joor”.

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