The Beginning

“Who is like unto Thee… Oh… Lord! Who is like unto Thee… Oh… Lord!” Jacob Macauley sang in a whisper on a couch having awoke from a disturbed sleep. Emmanuel Bamaiyi who had barely had any sleep on a small single-twin sized mattress that was positioned in the living room at night hummed along. Jacob upon hearing this, added a little volume & both of them continued the songs & praises till about 5:45 am when they switched to prayers. The velocity at which the volume of their voices progressed, brought Micheal out of the bedroom to the living room to join in the prayer session. For the couple of years these 3 had been together as friends, nothing like this prayer session had ever transpired between them, problems made them reflect at the realities of life, troubles reminded them of their creator while worries succeeded with increasing them in faith. What they were going through sure had its merits after all. According to Mahogany SilverRain: “My body needs laughter as much as it needs cry. Both are cleansers of stress”Image


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